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Well, put that one in the books!  

Was such a great time visiting with Danny Lynn (The Tiki Man) and station owner of Tiki Man Radio/ TikiManRadio.com . Danny & Heather (The Original Hippie Chick)  were absolutely fantastic hosts! Part of the beauty of doing private house concerts is being hosted by the venue owner...and seeing a location like the locals do, and these folks sure did spoil this fella!  

If you ever get the chance to make it out to the Chattanooga area you’re definitely in for a treat! The Harrison/ Chattanooga areas are really beautiful with some of the nicest people going. 

So Danny Rosado & I (aka. Danny Lowers the Boom) took the stage at 7pm on February 17th, and we had so much fun that our first set ran an hour and a half! No, joke! The songs were rolling, we were joking back & forth, and the crowd was digging it, so why the hell stop! We finally took a short break, and went on to play for what amounted to a total of 3.5 hours. If you tuned in or made it in person...I truly hope you got your money’s worth! I’ll be posting the SoundCloud link at the end of this blog for those who missed the show).  

If you aren’t familiar with internet radio all I can say is that it’s so much better than satellite or terrestrial radio. The Trop Rock genre is very fortunate to have roughly 10 radio stations privately owned by people who do it for the love of the music, and they offer their services virtually for FREE! You can tune in at the stations websites, you can download their FREE mobile apps, or you can get radio apps like (TuneIn) and get all of them in one. You can listen to the best music in the world from anywhere in the world!!! 

I am a fan of all of the stations. Yes, they play my music😉, but that aside, I am also a fan of Trop Rock music, an active listener, and I am a fan of my fellow artists. Trop Rock is a feel good, escape from the daily grind style of music that I feel is tremendously important for a healthy wellbeing. We all need to take a break from this messed up world, even if it’s just a 3 or 4 minute Escape into a well crafted Trop Rock tune for a Smile!  

Tiki Man Radio is one of those radio outlets that is run by a passionate supporter of our music, and promoter of our independent artists. If I learned anything from my visit with the Tiki Man it is that he has a genuine passion to help us grow the Trop Rock genre, he’s committed to supporting the artists, and he sincerely wants to work “Together With” his fellow Radio DJ’s to be “cooperative stewards” & ambassadors of this style of music, Trop Rock. 

Each morning of my visit I personally witnessed The Tiki Man fielding multiple phone calls from my fellow artists who were interested in his perspective and advice.  

That in itself says a great deal about his passion & how much he’s respected.  

The man truly walks the walk! 

In future blogs I’ll talk about the other awesome Trop Rock stations who so graciously support my music, but out of respect to my fantastic host this blog is all about my gratitude to Tiki Man Radio!  

For now, I am so lucky to have a talented friend like Danny Rosado to share the stage with, I am grateful to the Tiki Man for giving us a stage, and I am sincerely grateful for everyone who tuned in! 

We had Chattanooga area Trop Rock fan in attendance, friends who we met in a Key West at MOTM’s listening in from Boston, Chicago, Florida, Canada and so many other places. Danny and I even had fellow artists and dear friends like Dani Hoy, Key West Chris Rehm, Alan Wronko, and so many more tuning in to support the show!!! 

We are SO sincerely grateful!!! 

Ok, I’ve rambled on enough! LOL 

Below you’ll find the SoundCloud links to our 10 minute pre-show interview, and the actual show!  

Pick a beautiful afternoon, a long car ride, or listen to it a few tunes at a time, but whatever you do...make sure you check out the show! It was a BLAST!!! 

Thanks again, 


Links are below in black...click & enjoy! 

Pre concert interview

Danny Lowers the Boom...the show! (Run time 3:24:57] 


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  • John Fischer

    John Fischer Cleveland, TN

    Such a Great House Concert! So glad we can listen to it again! Keep up the great music - we need more Boomer Blake for our road trip To the Tropics!

    Such a Great House Concert!
    So glad we can listen to it again!
    Keep up the great music - we need more Boomer Blake for our road trip To the Tropics!

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