Boomer Blake is a Singer-Songwriter whose lyrics & stories fall into the Rock subcategories of Tropical Rock, Coastal Americana, and Caribbean Cowboy. A childhood full of a healthy dose of Billy Joel, James Taylor, Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, and the Doobie Brothers means his musical arrangements can span a wide range of rhythms and styles! 

Boomer was raised in New Jersey not far from the hometowns of some of the greats like Sinatra, Frankie Valli, Bon Jovi, and Eddie Rabbit! Growing up, he took every chance to sing or perform that came his way. He studied music from public school, to county college, and then university, and performed in community theater, national choirs, theme parks and cruise ships. 

Boomer began building a songwriting catalog in college, but only made it a serious focus these last 10 years when he realized it was time to get out of other people's bands and start building his own. His first single 'Smooth Whiskey Weekend' was released back in the Spring of 2016 and immediately hit the Weekly Trop 40 at #15! Since then, he has cemented his place in the genre with fan favorites such as 'Island Lady', 'Down by the Coastline', 'Watching the River Go By', 'Damn those Caribbean Girls' & 'Road to Cayo Hueso'. 

His first album 'Road to Cayo Hueso' is a collection of the first singles that he put out over the course of 2016 through 2018. As an independent artist who funds his own music, he’s less focused on putting out albums and more dedicated to putting out quality singles. These are produced at Sonic Boom Studios by Anthony Krizan, a gold record producer and former lead guitarist for the Spin Doctors. 

Boomer can be found gigging solo along the Jersey Shore, playing Trop Rock events nationally with fellow Singer-Songwriter Danny Rosado, or in their trio 'Category 3' with Texas-based fellow Trop Rocker Jonas Lorence. 

In 2020, Boomer became the host of his own online talk show & podcast, Boomer’s Basement, which is based around the Trop Rock musicians and community as a whole. It airs LIVE on Facebook every Friday night at 7 PM EST and includes interviews with Trop Rock musicians, fans and those who influence the music. Boomer has had the pleasure of interviewing six of Jimmy Buffett‘s Coral Reefers, current band members Mike Utley, Jim Mayer, Peter Mayer, and Brendan Mayer, along with past Reefer, Keith Sykes, and 'original Reefer' Roger Bartlett. In addition, he has had interviews with Scott Kirby, Brent Burns, and James 'Sunny Jim' White. 

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Boomer at Sonic Boom Studios working with Anthony Krizan, award winning producer for Lenny Kravitz and former lead guitarist of the Spin Doctors.

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