1. Island Lady

From the recording Island Lady

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Duration: 4:11
Producer; Anthony Krizan
Co-producer: Boomer Blake


*Somewhere on a beach in Paradise
The island lady
still walks along the shore

Ooo Island lady
You wanna have a little fun tonight
You got me going crazy
And that bikini’s looking out of sight

(Vs 1)
I caught you down on that beach today
And you commanded every single stare
Whole damn beach just STOPPED as you passed their way
And you were strutting like no one was there


(Vs 2)
Still smell the suntan oil that you wear
Mmm...Coconut with a hint of Fine!
Got every boys heart racing but - I don’t care
Cause I’m a gonna make her mine tonight


A Port Wine colored sun is setting
in a crystal blue tropical sea
Heart beats race, temperatures rising
Cause she standing so damn close to me

Bedroom eyes, brown oiled skin
Add some sexy Island music and this night can begin
Ooo Island Lady your a tropical sin
no human being could resist
I’m hooked, you win