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Boomer Blake’s latest single “Down by the Coastline” celebrates the spiritual experience that comes from visiting the coast, the beach, and the ocean. For some, a visit to the beach is more than swimming, surfing, sun tans, and’s a cleansing of the soul, a return to our playful youth, and an experience of wonder and gratitude for this gentle and powerful creation, the sea.

A powerful congregation of Trop & Rock talent have lended their gifts to make this a truly special experience:

Danny Rosado: producer, acoustic & electric guitar, background vocals,

Jonas Lorence Band:
Jonas Lorence- Guitar
Tim Casterline- bass
Matthew Bongirno- percussion

Erica Sunshine Lee- Backgrounder vocals
Kristine Jackson- Background vocals
Bob Banerjee- Violin/ Viola
Anthony Krizan- Electric guitar, Background vocals